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Tegan's Platform


Put simply, our students shouldn't be our biggest exports. Our best and brightest are oftentimes the quickest to leave the state for better opportunities. As our Representative, Tegan will fight tooth and nail to ensure we are investing into the future of our state and focusing on keeping our students in Oklahoma. This means not just investing into our K-12 schools, but ensuring our public universities are among the first universities our students are considering for college.

Changing Our State’s Current Course

This past legislative session was difficult to watch. Rather than moving our state in a direction that benefits all Oklahomans, we instead focused on hot-button issues and banning our teachers from teaching history as it happened. We need leaders who are working to serve the residents of Oklahoma and not waste our tax-payer dollars writing and passing legislation that puts us on the wrong path and is irrelevant to our daily lives.


Tegan’s background in active transportation has afforded her a unique perspective on the incredible things happening all over our state. She has witnessed and coached numerous communities to increase opportunities for safer routes for active transportation. She understands that Oklahoma has some of the most progressive cycling laws in the country, and building on this success will enable Oklahoma to be a Top Ten State with regards to its transportation infrastructure.

Veterans & Military Families

Service above self - this is the mantra of so many people who feel called to serve our country. Sacrifice comes in many different forms, from leaving the only town a person has ever known, to missing the birth of a child, struggling to find employment at a new duty station for a spouse or partner, and yes, even laying down one’s own life in service to our country, our military families make sacrifices daily to ensure our American ideals. We must uphold the promises made in exchange for this service. Healthcare, job assistance, sound public education, and a strong public safety net are part of this package. Anything less is dishonorable to the sacrifices of so many.


Ensuring we aren’t leaving behind families and residents of the Mid-Del area should always be a top priority for our elected officials. Tegan will fight to invest more into our technology centers and vo-tech schools, making higher education accessible to our residents. Creating more job opportunities in House District 95 starts with investing in our education system and equipping our workforce with the knowledge and tools to find or create good-paying jobs in our ever-growing competitive job market.

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